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For those who have blond hair, from platinum to ashes, in all shades of the color of the sun

Cheveux Blonds :

Her blonde hair is often the symbol of a sexy and seductive woman, but beware: it is essential that they are healthy and shiny. Here are our tips to show off a shiny and ultra glamorous hair, just like the hairdresser. The first blond hair tends to be very fragile and extremely sensitive to external aggressions: pollution, dust, smoke, limestone. These agents weaken the blonde hair, which tend to dry out and take a look. How to take care of blonde hair? For healthy and bright hair, you need to pay close attention to the shampoo phase. Choose a shampoo specific to your hair with antioxidants and nutrients, preferably wheat germ and sunflower. Blonde hair at most two or three times a week. After applying the shampoo, rinse your hair with warm water, remove excess water and improve the action of applying the Blond Shampoo and Balm tips from the same line. Leave 5 minutes: In addition to loosening the knots, the conditioner creates a nutritious film that protects the fibers of the hair from blond hair. Once a week, replace the shampoo you usually use a shampoo with chamomile: always this plant is the best ally of blonde hair! If you've done the shade or sunstroke, choose a shampoo repairer for purple pigments: in addition to nourishing and protecting the hair fiber, it has an anti-yellow action.

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