Cheveux Blonds
Pour ceux qui ont les cheveux blonds, de platine en cendres, dans toutes les nuances de la couleur du soleil


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Cheveux Blonds : Her blond hair è often a symbol of woman sexy and attractive, but be careful: fundamental è that are healthy and shiny. Here are our tips for a brilliant spectacle and ultraglamour hair, as the hair salon. Firstly blond hair tend to be very fragile and very sensitive to external influences: pollution, dust, smoke, limestone. These agents weaken the hair, which tends to dry out and take a look. How to care for blonde hair? For healthy, glowing hair, è need to pay particular attention to the phase of \"shampoo\". Choose a shampoo specifically for hair, which has antioxidant and nourishing, preferably wheatgerm and sunflower. blonde hair washes at most two or three times a week. After you apply the shampoo, rinse the hair with warm water, remove excess water and enhances the action of applying the tips blonde shampoo and conditioner in the same line. Leave on for 5 minutes: in addition to untie the knots, the balm creates a nutrient that protects hair hair fibers. Once a week, replace the shampoo you normally use a shampoo with chamomile: always this plant è the best ally blonde hair! If you did the Imperial à or highlights, choose a repairer shampoo for purple pigments: in addition to nourish and protect hair fibre, has an anti-yellow.

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23 May 19

top hairstylists 2019

sono stati scelti e pubblicati
guida ai migliori parrucchieri d'Italia

top hairstylists 2019

Se vuoi delle ANTICIPAZIONI ...


23 May 19

Jerome Fendt


Collection: Vesna
Ph: Camille Mehareche
Make-up: Jerome Fendt
Hair Assistant: Marie-France Cipicchia, Marie-Laure Wenzel


23 May 19

Mark Van Westerop


Ph: Ivo de Kok
Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek
Stylist: Anat Dychtwald


22 May 19

Non farti vedere che leggi
ma ... leggilo !

beauty bazar products

BEAUTY BAZAR Book  è tutto nuovo !

scopri i TOP 100 HAIR PRODUCTS 2019
che abbiamo selezionato per te !
I Migliori Prodotti sono suddivisi nelle categorie:


Scegli il meglio per il tuo salone !

beauty bazar

22 May 19


DiBiaseHair, azienda di S. Antimo (Napoli),
specializzata nelle hair extension,
presenta la linea 
TAPE EXTENSION ( ... metti  & rimuovi )

Sono Extension in Capelli naturali,
fatte a mano e Made in Italy
Grazie al sistema TAPE sono facili
da applicare e da rimuovere.

GUARDA IL VIDEO del Backstage !

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